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Ms. Hrizi

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To access the JLMS Library Media Center, go here.

Volunteers always needed!

If you have a spare hour, we can always use a few extra hands in the JLMS library re-shelving books, helping students who visit at lunch, or with class visits.  The book fair is always a big hit with our students as well.  More hands = more open library hours.

Typing Club

Students can learn to type for free at

Got Code?

Our Library

Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns

"The best gift you can give a child is a library card!"
-- Mr. Burns --

The JLMS library is dedicated in the Memory of E. Dwight Burns, who passed away on October 12, 2013.  Mr. Burns was a JLMS security guard for many years.  He was an avid reader and always encouraged our students to read a book.

Welcome to the Reading Zone!

The JLMS Reading Zone kicked off on August 26, 2018.  Since then, every day after lunch at the beginning of 6th period, the entire school spends 13 minutes reading in silence.  Parents can help by reminding students every morning to pack a book, graphic novel, comic book, magazine, Nook or Kindle with them, and by checking in with them every evening about what they are reading.  See more information below about the Reading Zone as it was introduced to the student community.

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SF Public Library

crucible.JPGBe sure your child has a SFPL card, they are FREE! Visit any library branch for an application or apply for a free library card here.  Libraries offer special teen activities and reading clubs.  For more info, visit

SFPL Teen Activities

The Teen Book Club meets the first Saturday of the month at 4pm at the Ortega Branch!

The Mix at SFPL is a no-cost learning space for youth ages 13-18 to explore, create and develop digital media and computer skills as well as discover and engage with the SFPL’s traditional books and materials.  Activities include video and audio production, 3D printing, sewing, robotics, crafting, and more!