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Bulldog Expectations


  • Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself
  • Sit in Your Assigned Seat


  • Listen Politely
  • Speak Respectfully
  • Always Clean Up After Yourself


  • Be on Time
  • Bring Your Materials
  • Follow Directions


  • Help Others
  • Use Respectful Language to Solve Problems
  • Work Collaboratively


SFUSD buses serve the Oceanview and Bayview neighborhoods.  A special #48 Quintara/24th Street bus going towards the Mission stops in front of the school at 3:30p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The #24 Divisadero bus (outbound to Bernal Heights/Bayview and inbound to Pacific Heights) stops one block away on Castro Street.  The regular #48 Quintara/24th Street bus (inbound Mission/Potrero Hill and outbound Sunset/Ocean Beach) stops two blocks away on 24th Street.  The J-Church line (inbound Embarcadero Muni Metro/BART and outbound Balboa Park Muni Metro/BART) stops two blocks away on Church Street.

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Our School

About Us

James Lick Middle School's 1930s Art Deco building is nestled in the heart of Noe Valley on Noe Street between Clipper and 25th.  We are a mid-sized middle school, serving approximately 650 students and their families.  One of our biggest assets is our diverse student population.  Since 2010, we have made consistent gains in student achievement with a 140+ point gain in state-wide test scores.  We attribute these gains largely to the involvement of families and the highly collaborative work of a very dedicated staff.  Test scores and demographic data on the SFUSD website can be seen here.


At our school, we believe in supporting students’ positive development in a variety of ways -- socially/emotionally, academically, artistically, and physically.  To support students’ social/emotional development, we offer a range of counseling and support group opportunities through our counseling office.  Students’ academic progress is ensured by a rigorous curriculum planned collaboratively by teams of teachers.  We foster students’ development of their artistic talents by offering a comprehensive visual and performing arts program that includes band, drama, art, and dance.  Lastly, our physical education and athletics programs encourage our students to maintain a fit and healthy life style.


At each grade level, students have the opportunity to make a positive impact through special projects.  We also offer leadership opportunities through programs such as the Student Council, the Teachers Aide elective, Youth Outreach Workers, Safe School Ambassadors, Peer Resources (including peer education and peer mediation) and the James Lick Garden. 


The school has a Spanish Immersion program as well as General Education.  Students in Spanish Immersion spend two periods a day learning in Spanish -- Social Studies and Spanish Language Arts. 


An extensive remodel completed in 2016 means the school has upgraded seismic and ADA facilities. 

Our School Day

There are seven 46-minute instructional periods each regular school day.


Language Arts / Social Studies
Students study with the same teacher in 6th grade.  Our 7th and 8th grade students have two separate teachers for each content area.  Students in the Spanish Immersion program receive instruction in Spanish in both content areas.  Our Spanish Immersion program students also take a separate English Language Arts class.


Math / Science
Students study with the same teacher in sixth grade. Our 7th and 8th grade students have two separate teachers for each content area.  Students may participate in the annual school Science Fair.


Physical Education:
Students develop physical skills and increase their fitness through a variety of activities.  The curriculum is base of the the California state standards.


Unified Arts (Electives):
In 6th and 7th grade, students rotate through two semester-long enrichment classes.  At the end of 7th grade, students fill out a preference form and request a year-long enrichment class for 8th grade.  Enrichment classes include Visual Art, Dance, Band, Spanish, Drama, AVID, Computer Science, STEAM, etc.


Special Education:
We have three Special Education Programs: Inclusion, Resource, and SOAR.  Students in Inclusion and Resource are mainstreamed in general education classes with the support of grade level Resource/Inclusion teachers and paraprofessionals. Students in SOAR Class have the opportunity to be in smaller classes for the academic core subjects.


Afterschool Athletics Program:

Student athletes have the opportunity to compete in all sports in the SFUSD AAA League (softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track.) against other SFUSD middle schools.  See our Athletics page for more information.


Jamestown Afterschool Program:

Students may enroll in the afterschool program provided by Jamestown Community Center.  Applications are accepted with limited space available.  Attendees can participate in a variety of enrichment activities and tutoring support.  The program runs 3:30 - 6:30pm daily. 

School Meals

Students eat in the cafeteria or outside during meal periods.  They may either bring a meal from home or receive a free school meal from the cafeteria (see more information below).  Microwaves are available in the cafeteria.  Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  Recycle, compost, and garbage bins are available.

Free Meals
​​​​​​JLMS participates in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).  Every student can receive one breakfast and one lunch at no cost each school day.  CEP is a federal program that allows eligible schools to offer free meals to attending students regardless of individual income.  This builds community, fights hunger with health, improves financial health, and streamlines operations.  You can find out more information about Community Eligibility Provision at SFUSD here.

Uniform Policy for 2018-2019

Students should follow the SFUSD's Dress and Appearance Standards, which are as follows:


"Students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance at school.  Students who attend schools which have a uniform policy are expected to be in uniform every day.  If special circumstances in adhering to this policy should arise, please contact the individual school’s principal for assistance.  The type and style of clothing (except for schools with uniforms) and hairdo are individual and personal.  The school shall be concerned only when these are extreme and could cause school distraction or disruption or be unsafe.  Examples of inappropriate clothing include:

  • garments where the torso is exposed, i.e., tube tops, half shirts, halters
  • clothing or buttons which show obscene words or pictures, or sexually suggestive statement
  • clothing related to juvenile gang-related activities
  • garments where the entire thigh is exposed, such as micro minis or short shorts
  • bathing suits or cut-offs
  • the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional items, or the wearing and carrying of items promoting controlled substances (illegal drugs) and/or alcohol
  • sagging pants (where undergarment is exposed).

Schools may set their own policies relating to hats, caps and other head coverings, provided that any permitted head coverings may not be obscene or promote illegal activity.  There shall be no restriction on student head coverings worn for religious purpose; and students shall be permitted to wear head coverings in the schools’ outdoor spaces, as required by state law. 


Para español, vaya a la parte inferior de esta página y haga click en la flecha de la casilla "Select Language" para elijir "Spanish" de la lista que aparezca.



Our Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) helps organize support for our staff and students, build community, and raise the money to make it all happen.  We need YOUR help to succeed!  Visit for more info.


The San Francisco Education Fund channels community volunteers (individuals and businesses) and financial resources into schools to achieve its goal of improving student success in the San Francisco Unified School District.  Since 1963, the Fund has placed more than 94,000 volunteers in San Francisco public schools and awarded more than $7 million in educator grants.

District Vision 2025

In a city and world that is constantly changing, SFUSD now has an ambitious vision to ensure that we prepare our graduates to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond.  The Graduate Profile serves as the anchor for the vision and identifies the knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviors required by our 21st century world.