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To contact a JLMS teacher or staff member, click on the envelope icon next to their name to send her or him an e-mail message. Click on their name to learn more about them.

Have a favorite teacher?

Teachers make a lifetime of difference, yet often don’t get thanked.  You can help change that.  Learn more about the "Thank a Teacher Today" Campaign and submit a thank-you note any (all!) of your child's teachers.

The Mayor's Teacher of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates outstanding San Francisco public school teachers for their dedication, professionalism, and work on behalf of our city's young people.  You can nominate a JLMS teacher here.  The deadline is in February.  

Staff Links

The following links are for JLMS teacher and staff usage and require passwords.

Faculty & Staff

2017-2018 Faculty and Staff
Contact Crystal Alvarado  Crystal Alvarado Teacher
Contact Rogelio O. Alvarado  Rogelio O. Alvarado Teacher
Contact Phillip Barnard  Phillip Barnard Teacher
Contact Nicole Bixler  Nicole Bixler Teacher
Contact JamesScot Brodie  JamesScot Brodie Teacher
Contact Keith Carames  Keith Carames Teacher
Contact Airika Castaneda  Airika Castaneda Teacher
Contact Cecilia Chacon  Cecilia Chacon Staff
Contact Cesar Coraizaca  Cesar Coraizaca Teacher
Contact Helana Corda  Helana Corda Teacher
Contact Elise Dicharry  Elise Dicharry Teacher
Contact Michael Eddings  Michael Eddings Teacher
Contact Adele Faataui  Adele Faataui Staff
Contact Jonathan Fil  Jonathan Fil Teacher
Contact Madeleine Folco  Madeleine Folco Teacher
Contact Sandra Gray  Sandra Gray Teacher
Contact Andrew J. Grimstad  Andrew J. Grimstad Teacher
Contact Jose Hernandez  Jose Hernandez Teacher
Contact Dorothy Hoffman  Dorothy Hoffman Teacher
Contact Christine Loughran  Christine Loughran (415) 695-5675 Teacher
Contact Peyton Pickenpaugh  Peyton Pickenpaugh Teacher
Contact Shain Rau  Shain Rau (415) 695-5675 ex: 3110 Teacher
Contact Brendan Reilly  Brendan Reilly Teacher
Contact Sharon Roberts-Cagle  Sharon Roberts-Cagle Teacher
Contact Heidi Smith  Heidi Smith Teacher
Contact Cedric Tatum Sr  Cedric Tatum Sr Staff
Contact Elizabeth Tennent  Elizabeth Tennent Teacher
Contact Eric Uribe  Eric Uribe Teacher
Contact Scott Yamamoto  Scott Yamamoto Teacher

How can parents help?

Parents are always welcome at James Lick Middle School.  Ask your child's teacher if you can help in the classroom, prepare for a project, make copies, pick up a few supplies, chaperone a field trip, or anything else!

Did you know?

1. Did you know that when parents/guardians are signed up on School Loop, you will receive a daily email Mon- Fri with calendar items, news, student grades, homework due and other important items you may need?  You will also be able to email all your child's teachers in one email (e.g., if your child is sick and you need homework or any other concerns).  Teachers will also have your email and can update you on improvements, concerns, and general information.  Find more info, look on our home page, upper left corner.

2.  Did you know you can view School Loop information in a variety of languages?  Click on the language button and select the language you would like to receive information in.

Teachers v. Students

The annual match between the JLMS teachers and volleyball team was held after school on March 8, 2017.  The teachers won the first set 25-21, but the volleyball team fought back and took the second set 26-24.  Determined to be victorious, the volleyball team beat the teachers 15-13 in the third set to win the game!