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If you are ready to challenge yourself, learn about current events, win trophies, and ARGUE, then the JLMS Debate Team is the place for you.  Veterans and novices from all grades are welcome.  The team meets on Fridays in Room 108 from 3:45pm - 4:30pm every week. 


The JLMS debate team competes in the Middle School League of the Bay Area Urban Debate League (BAUDL).

Tournament Results

To see how your debater did in a particular tournament, visit Tabroom.com.

Debating Builds Mental Strength

Read an interesting blog series about how debating builds mental strength.

Debate Team

"It's better to debate a question without settling it
than to settle a question without debating it."

     James Lick students love to argue.  They argue with their parents, they argue with their teachers, and they argue with their friends.  Enter the JLMS Debate Team, which transforms students' intense desire to make their voices heard into a tool for learning and engagement.  Debaters can expect to develop their abilities to think critically and advocate persuasively while at the same time benefiting from increased exposure to topical research and current events that boosts their literacy, research skills, and civic engagement.

     Debate is an academic sport.  Our school is one of the founding members of the Middle School League of the Bay Area Urban Debate League, which debuted during the 2014-15 school year.  Through our annual participation in the league, we are able to field a team of competitive debaters that use their argumentative skills to vanquish opponents all around the Bay Area.

     Students compete using Public Forum Debate conventions in which two teams of two students oppose each other to debate designated topics from current news stories from around the world.  For each tournament, participants are given a packet of information to use in formulating their arguments but are also allowed to do their own research. 

    Any students that are interested in current events, intellectual competition, academic challenges, or public speaking should consider getting involved in the debate team.  All interested participants are welcome!  No prior experience in debate is required to join, and team members can choose the debate tournaments in which they wish to participate.

2017-2018 Season

The following is BAUDL's middle school debate league schedule for this school year.  There is no cost for team members to participate in tournaments.  Travel is by carpools leaving from JLMS around 8:45am and returning around 5pm.

  • Season Opener:  September 30 @ Chabot College
  • Speech + Debate Fall Classic:  October 14 @ City College of SF
  • Harvey Milk Classic:  December 2 @ Elmhurst MS
  • Angela Davis Debates:  February 24 @ Frick MS
  • Academic Expo Public Debate:  March 14 @ JLMS
  • Middle School State Championship: May 5 @ Diablo Valley College

2016-2017 Season

Congratulations on a job well done to all the JLMS students who were part of the 2016-2017 debate team and participated in one or more of the following BAUDL middle school debates. A special shout ...more

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Today: 10/22/18
All Day: Picture Make-Up Day and 8th Grade Class Panoramic Picture
8:25 AM Early Release Day

Academic Expo

On March 14, 2018, debate team members presented two public exhibition debates at the JLMS Academic Expo. Topic #1 resolved: Lollipops are Better than Ice Cream. Topic #2 resolved: The United ...more

Angela Davis Debate

The Angela Davis Debate was held on February 24, 2018 at Frick MS in Oakland. Topic resolved: Spain should grant Catalonia its independence. Congratulations on a job well done to all the JLMS ...more

Harvey Milk Classic

The Harvey Milk Classic was held on December 9, 2017, at Elmhurst MS in Oakland. Topic resolved: The United States should require universal background checks for all gun sales and transfers of ...more

Season Opener and Fall Classic

The Middle School Season Opener was held on September 30, 2017, at Chabot College in Hayward, and the Speech + Debate Fall Classic was held on October 14, 2017, at City College in San Francisco. Topi ...more