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We have a rich tradition of delivering a strong academic curriculum to our diverse student population. We involve our students in meaningful school experiences that promote the joy of learning while addressing students' individual needs.

School Loop Guide



We encourage all parent/guardians to have their own School Loop account.  Each student will have their students account as well.

School Instructional Hours
8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Bell rings at 8:25AM
(Monday through Friday
except Wednedsays)

Wednesdays Only
10:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Bell rings at 9:55AM

School Office Hours
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

(Monday through Friday)

School Tours
Mondays at 9 AM
No appointment needed
November - December

School Tours

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year "Tour Season!" At James Lick, we conduct school tours every Monday, beginning the first week in November and conclude in January before the first round of applications are due. We welcome you and your child to participate. Meet in the office area by 9am as the tours begin shortly after that hour. You can expect to be on the tour for about one hour. No appointment is needed, simply show up and be prepared to participate. We encourage you to have your questions ready as the final part of the tour is a Q&A session with the principal. We look forward to seeing you here!

Bell Schedule

Breakfast                   8:00 – 8:25

8th Grade Regular Day

Entry Bell



8:30  ----    8:45

8:48  ----    9:38

9:41  ----  10:30

10:33  ----  11:22


11:25  ----  12:00


12:03  ----  12:52

12:57  ----    1:46

1:49    ----    2:38

2:41    ----    3:30

6th/7th Grade    Regular Day

Entry Bell



8:30  ----    8:45

8:48  ----    9:38

9:41  ----  10:30

10:33  ----  11:22

11:25  ----  12:15


12:18  ----  12:52

12:57  ----    1:46

1:49    ----    2:38

2:41    ----    3:30

Late Start Wednesday Schedule








/8th Lunch


5°/6th/7th Lunch





School Meals

Students will eat in the cafeteria during meal periods. Students may either bring their meal from home or purchase lunch (or free for free and reduced student qualifiers). Microwaves are available ...more

Quick Links

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.40.03 PM.png

Family Night for Math & STEAM


Come eat with us and explore and experience Math and STEAM at JLMS with your student and family.  Dinner will be served starting at 6 pm and Math and STEAM activities are available for all ages.

Where: James Lick MS Cafeteria

When: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm 

Ways to Support our Bulldogs

Construction Update

We want to thank our neighbors and school community for your patience as we undergo the major renovations to our school this year. Please click on the attached document for a detailed update on the progress of our project.


James Lick_Community Outreach_01-18-16.pdf

Construction Update

Congratulations to Ms. Dalmau - National Board Certification

James Lick Middle School community! Help me congratulate our very own school counselor, Ms. Gladys Dalmau on her successful achievement in earning her National Board Certification. On 2/9/16, the SFUSD Board of Education held a ceremony to honor all of the hard work put forth by our professionals to earn this prestigious achievement. National Board Certification is often heard as the "PhD" of teaching and requires a lot of work, commitment and dedication on behalf of the teacher/counselor. We are very proud of Ms. Dalmau and honored to have her as a Nationally Board Certified counselor at Lick. Felicidades Ms. Dalmau!   -Principal Quesada


NBCT 2016.jpeg

Construction Pictures

Got Fitness? We Do!

New School Text Line is Here! Sign up Today!

Want to stay informed about all of the top happenings at James Lick Middle School? Sign up for our new School Text Line. It's quick and easy to do. Simply text @JLMS to 818-732-4732! Once signed up, you can instantly receive updates, news, and/or alerts from the school via text message. Refer to the attached instructions in the "news" section of this page for more details.

Nueva Linea de Texto ha Llegado! Enscribase Hoy!
¿Quieres estar informado sobre todos los datos de James Lick Middle School? Regístrate en nuestra nueva línea de texto . Es rápido y fácil de hacer. Simplemente haga text @JLMS a 818-732-4732! Cuando este registrado, usted inmediatamente puede recibir actualizaciones, noticias, y/o alertas de la escuela a través de mensaje de texto. Vea las instrucciones con mas detalles bajo la seccion de noticias atravez de esta pagina.

Be Safe!

The safety of our community is very important. Please drop off and pick up your child in front of the school on Noe Street in the white zone or on 25th Street near the yard gate. Drop off on ...more

Bulldog Expectations in the Classroom

Keep Hands and Feet to Yourself
Sit in Your Assigned Seat

Listen Politely

Speak Respectfully

Always Clean Up After Yourself

Be on Time
Bring Your Materials

Follow Directions


Help Others

Use Respectful Language to Solve Problems
Work Collaboratively

Calendar of Events

Today: 2/13/16



Fechas Importantes                       Semestre de la Primavera





10: Reunión de la Asosación de Padres,Maestros y Alumnos

(6 pm, Cafe) Noche de Pozole

11: ELAC (5:30 pm, Salon de Familias)

15: No hay clases—Día del Presidente

16: Charla con el Director (8:30 am, Family Room)

17: Reunión con SSC (4:15 pm, Family Room)

18: Reunión de la Comunidad

20: Gran Noche de Recaudar fondos para JLMS (6:30 pm, 2774 Folsom St.) Noche solo para adultos

22-26 Conferencias entre padres y profesores

          & Feria del Libros (Biblioteca)

24: Noche de las Matemáticas y Las Ciencias y Tecnología (6-7:30 pm, Cafe)




1: No hay clases—Día de César Chávez

7: Reunión de ELAC (5:30 pm, Salon de Familias)

12: Charla con el Director(8:30 am, Salon de Familias)

13: Reunión de PTSA (6 pm, Cafe)

20: Reunión de SSC (4:15 pm, Family Room)

(todavía no hay fecha segura): Presentación de Las Bellas Artes de la Primavera 



 ¡Apoye a sus


Vea cómo hacerlo en





cada niño, una voz

every child, one voice





3 & 4: Feria de Ciencias (6-8 pm, Gym)

10, 11, 12: Presentación de la Obra "Noche en la Cabana" 

10: Reunión de ELAC (5:30 pm, Salon de Familias)

12: Feria de Recursos de Verano (10 am – 2 pm, Pier 70)

15: Charla con el Director (8:30 am, Salon de Familias)

15: Reunión de SSC (4:15 pm, Salon de Familias)

18, 19, 20: Excursión a Ashland, Oregon

23: Reunión de PTSA (6 pm, Cafe)

28 de marzo – 1 de abril: Vacaciones de la Primavera

         *Excursión del grado octavo a Washington DC




5 & 6: Excursión UFW del sexto grado

10: Charla con el Director (8:30 am, Salon de Familias)

11: Reunión de PTSA (6 pm, Cafe)

12: Reunión de ELAC (5:30 pm, Salon de Familias)

18: Reunión de SSC (4:15 pm, Salon de Familias)

24: Ceremonia de graduación del octavo grado (Everett MS)

26: Ultimo dia de clases



 James Lick Middle School 1220 Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 (415) 695-5675


Dear James Lick Families,


We invite you all to join us for our annual 


"School Vision Planning Meeting"


Thursday, February 18th, 6:00- 7:00 p.m. in the cafeteria!  


This event provides participants, such as parents, teachers, students and school faculty with an opportunity to share your input and ideas about topics covering:   


*School Programs! 


*School Curriculum and Academic Services for Students!


*School Safety and School Climate!


*Family and Parent Education services and more!  



This event helps us to continue to grow into a stronger school community, which will in turn, build stronger ties between parents, students, teachers, faculty, and the local community!  


Please join us!




Shop at Amazon.com?

Support our school and PTSA when shopping at Amazon.com. Simply click on this link to be directed to the Amazon website. Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to our school! It's that easy!


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Our Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) helps organize and support our staff and students, build community, and raise the money to make it all happen—and we need YOUR help to succeed. Please let us know how you'll help!


All students and parents should use the crosswalks when crossing the street. Be aware of traffic around the school.  Students should be dropped off at the white zone on Noe Street.  There are crossing guards at Clipper and Noe as well as Castro and 25th Street.  Cars parked in the white zone on Noe Street will be ticketed by SF DPT as this is a drop off only zone.

Tip: there is less traffic around the school at 8:15 am vs 8:25 am.